Business and personal stories that say “come on in”

You’ve got a story to tell.

Maybe it’s about your company. Maybe it’s about your product. Maybe it’s about your life.

But you’re staring at a blank screen, stuck on a first draft, or simply don’t have the time to even get started.

I can help.

Any reputable writer delivers content that’s clear and concise.

I’ll weave your message into stories that resonate.

Hi. I’m Julie Jo Severson, a freelance writer, editor, storyteller based in the Twin Cities, born and raised throughout the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Whether your story is about your new boutique, an upcoming event, or life experience, let’s cut the fluff and tell it to real people looking for a personal connection and reason to care.

Here’s the plan.

First, we’ll dig a little deeper to understand the people you’d like to reach. What do they care about? Why does your story or what you have to offer matter to them? How does it impact their lives?

Thenwe’ll discover what makes your story really shine. What inspired you? What makes your services unique and valuable to the world around you? Why now?

And finally, I’ll weave the pieces together, like patches on a quilt, into a feature article, blog post, website landing or About page, brochure, letter, script, personal narrative—any format really. And I’ll do so as though your specific reader is waiting in the check-out line at the local grocery store. She’s got a gazillion other things to do today. Let’s not bore her.

Ten+ years professional experience and eager-beaver* work ethic

My professional desktop includes more than a decade of writing, editing, and storytelling in corporate and nonprofit settings. I can start a project from scratch or edit to make existing content stronger. My goal is to create crisp, fresh content that gets up off the page and invites readers in. And I’ll work my eager-beaver* tail off until you’re in your happy place.

If you think I’m a good match, contact me at I’d LOVE to hear from you.

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 \ˈē-gər\  \ˈbē-vər\  Someone who is extremely dedicated to the task without anyone having to nag or worry about follow-through.