“Finding a Home That Fits Your Lifestyle and Values”

I wrote this print brochure on behalf of Merrill Corporation for one of their real estate clients.

Excerpt below: 


Discovering What’s Important to You

Whether this is your first home or your last, it’s probably the single most important and costly purchase you’ll ever make. You deserve a real estate professional with the knowledge and skill to help you make informed decisions and negotiate on your behalf.

With years of experience in the business, I’ll provide the expertise and personalized attention you expect and deserve—before, during and after the life-changing transaction. I’ll take the time to discover what’s important to you and work diligently until you are completely satisfied.

Focusing the Search

Before we head out to find the perfect home, it helps to brainstorm and prioritize a list of features you’re looking for. We’ll start with the basics including style of house, size, number of bathrooms and bedrooms, desired neighborhood and proximity to jobs, schools, parks and retail services. Then we’ll discuss the items on your dream list, such as a master bathroom with two sinks, a 3-season porch, walk-in closets or a wooded lot. The goal is to find properties that first meet your essential needs and then as many of the extras you can reasonably afford.

I know every home isn’t for you. That’s why I use the information about your dreams, goals, hobbies and interests to pre-screen properties to make the search a rewarding experience.

Evaluating Homes

Matching the right home to the right buyer is my specialty.  I make a point of knowing about every available property even before its listed. To do this, I tour neighborhoods, research the market and network throughout the community.

Together, we’ll investigate various neighborhoods and tour houses to help you get a solid feel for home values. Then, we’ll target your desired location and search for a home that fits your lifestyle. To save you time, I pre-screen numerous properties to find ones that closely match your list of needs and wishes.

As we tour properties, I’ll point out their attributes and advise you on potential problem areas, such as water seepage, ventilation and finish work. Of course, there’s no substitute for a professional home inspection once you make an offer, but knowing what to look for before entering negotiations will result in fewer surprises later on.

Presenting an Offer

Now that you’ve found the perfect home, it’s critical that you submit an offer immediately to ensure another eager buyer doesn’t beat you to the table. I’ll help you determine a realistic price by first developing a professional Comparative Market Analysis (CMS). This report shows you how much similar properties have sold for recently.

After reviewing the CMS, we’ll make adjustments based on other pricing variables that could influence negotiations, such as the property’s condition and location, the length of time the house has been on the market and the seller’s motivation. Next, I’ll submit a formal offer including property inspection and financing contingencies for your protection.

Negotiating the Best Deal for You

The negotiating process can be a highly emotional experience. It requires skill, experience and objectivity. I’ll go to the negotiating table fully prepared, keeping your best interests in mind.

I’ll also walk with you through the entire closing process. From recommending inspectors, surveyors and lenders to coordinating seller disclosures and title searches. I’ll ensure your deal closes smoothly and without unnecessary costs.

Call Today

I know that you’re looking for more than a roof over your head. Call me today for the best personal service. If you’re looking to sell your existing home, I can help with that, too. [Insert contact information.]